Opposition Collaboration to Unseat President Weah Rare
Representative Kogar speaks out on Opposition Unity

Opposition People’s Unification Party (UPP) chairman and Nimba County district #5 representative Samuel G. Kogar has termed the opposition Collaboration to unseat President George M. Weah in the pending October 10 election as rare.

According to him, nothing is impossible therefore, it’s most likely that the opposition Community unites to unseat President Weah either now or at the runoffs.

” On the opposition unity, the first thing let me tell you, nothing is impossible. But, I will say the opposition unity and collaboration to unseat President Weah is rare. It may happen but not easily on ground with time factor because it needs lots of energy,” Representative Kogar stated Thursday, March 2, 2023 in a radio interview in Monrovia.

The Nimba County lawmaker pointed out that from the onset of starting the opposition Collaboration Political Parties in 2028 we knew that they were heading somewhere.

However, he disclosed that power again can corrupt people, and so people at times use popularity to abuse their colleague while other sometimes use money to underestimate them.

Mr. Kogar said that the issues of leadership are a matter of choice and experience because man proposes and God disposed.

” You may have the human capacity, then the other man may have the physical domination.  But, your ability to put these resources together and see how best you can settle your difference and forget about ego and say let us go this way and see if this person could led us and we can follow, could be the best approach” he counted.

But, the opposition lawmaker added that on the contrary, where the other can say he gets his money and thinks he is capable and he can utilize it properly with his connection and relationship and think he can win.

And for the other, Mr. Kogar noted that when the other man also thinks that the entire grassrooter, and entire citizens are demanding for him therefore, he doesn’t respect every other person’s view because as far as he is concerned, in the election he will win.

” Now let me tell you, with all that it’s bad. That is the perfect example and issues that break the CPP today. But, don’t mind, elections in Liberia are a challenge. No other political party, candidate that will win 50.1%. Let nobody lie to you” Representative Kogar averred.

He predicted that the upcoming October 10 election will have a runoff and therefor he said Liberia will see if the opposition will hold or they will be divided.

The UPP chairman noted that it’s possible that during the runoffs of the election, people may take a bitter pill and decide to come together.

He also predicted that there are also other contrary views that another may feel and think that because of the bad blood he may not support the other person, but rather go to the other side.

Giving his independent analysis on weather President George M. Weah should be re-elected, the Nimba County District#5 representative stated that it’s a difficult questioned to answer because the government has money, despite its failure in the governance of the Country.

” I could sit here as an individual in my mind and say President Weah should not be re-elected. And so, while if he is , to determine that is a difficult task. The reason being is that from African perspective because to defeat a ruling party you must become stronger” he added.

He noted that when it comes to the governance of the State, the CDC government is not performing well and they have failed the task.

Representative Kogar disclosed that the President had feigned indifference because there are people who have vested interest to come to power but are not telling the President the truth.

In fact, they are the only source that takes the message to the President, as they feel comfortable in that direction. But here is where the President is making mistakes. There are lots of things that they sensationalize, but when it comes to reality it’s not truth. The modernization they are bragging about is not actually taking into account that they can improve the lives of Liberian” He pointed out.

The Nimba County lawmaker further indicated that, the government salary is not accepted or rejected, rather, it’s in limbo because the economy is not stable the salary is not balanced.

He said that the inability of the government to stabilize and control the economy is a serious problem for their re-election. He added that the government needs to be accessible, selfless, and people- centered.

” One of my disappointments with President Weah is the way he had engulfed himself with lots of people who are not having interest for the people. If you ask me that again if I want President Weah re-elected, when it comes to Presidential access, I would say no,” he concluded.

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