Opposition Unity Party Pauses District Tour as Standard Bearer Embarks on Unexpected Sub-Regional Visit

During this intense campaign season, the opposition Unity Party has made the decision to temporarily halt its district tour in Montserrado County. This decision was made in response to an unexpected visit by their standard bearer, Joseph Boakai, to the ECOWAS sub region.

In a statement released on Monday, the party revealed that Boakai’s impromptu visit to the sub region will span over a period of three days. The purpose of this visit has not been disclosed, leaving many curious about its nature. However, the Unity Party has assured the public that their campaign activities will not falter and will continue with the same energy and enthusiasm across the entire country, even in the absence of Ambassador Boakai.

The release, signed by Mohammed Ali, spokesperson for the UP National Campaign Team, stated that the Montserrado Campaign Team, in collaboration with the party’s Montserrado Leadership, will reschedule the district tour for the remaining areas.

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