PLP National Youth Assembly Warns Removed Party Executives to Desist from Acts that are Inimical and Counterproductive to the Party

The National Youth Assembly of the People’s Liberation Party has warned Wilmot Paye, including other executive members of the party who were recently replaced to disengage into acts which the group believes has the power to damage the image of the political institution.

Recently, the General Policy Commission of the PLP removed pay from his position as Chairman, along with Henry Sackie as Vice Chairman for Political Affairs, Kansualism Kansuah as Secretary General and suspended Carlos Tingban Edison from his position as Chairman of the National Youth Assembly for alleged under-performance and engaging into acts which contravene the bylaws and constitution of the party.

The GPC is the highest decision making body of the People’s Liberation Party. It is comprised of Executive Members including the Party Leader, Chairman, all Vice Chairpersons, Secretary, Women and Youth Chairpersons, Treasurer, among others.

Following the party’s decision, replaced Chairman Wilmot Paye and the others have been challenging their removal and suspension following their appearances on various radio talk shows in Monrovia.

But addressing a news conference in Monrovia over the weekend, the Secretary General of the party’s National Youth Assembly, Kelvin Adonis Volar, stressed that the party’s decision was taken in the best direction.

He noted that those who leadership services have been terminated and suspended by the party should now muster the courage and desist from acts that are inimical and counterproductive to the party and Liberia at large.

The National Youth Assembly of the PLP commends the GPC for what they termed as its farsightedness in safeguarding the vision and principles of the party by suspending and terminating the services of few indiscipline elements of the party.

Volar emphasized that the Youth Assembly strongly believes that people serving in public space at any level must live with the strong sense of discipline, including those values and principles necessary for organizational development in order to adequately serve the best interest of the public.

He maintained that the PLP did not, and will not spare or shield anyone who is bent on engaging into acts or wrongdoings against the party’s manifesto.

He added that the party will not sit and allow anyone to also engage into negative vices which have the proclivity to undermine the many gains that the PLP has made in a very short period of time.

Volar stated that the PLP subscribes to the promotion of justice, integrity, trustworthiness, transparency, accountability and the tenets of democracy among others, and as such, the National Youth Assembly of the party will not sit quietly and allow anyone to go against these decent attributes of democracy.

Meanwhile, Volar called on those removed and suspended from various leadership positions within the PLP to conduct themselves accordingly as they go about their private lives and desist from acts that are inimical and counterproductive to the party and the country.

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