Presidential Candidate Dr. Clarence K. Moniba Vows $150 Million Healthcare Boost and Economic Opening for Liberia

Dr. Clarence K. Moniba, the presidential candidate of Liberia, has announced his commitment to securing a substantial amount of US$150 million for the Tapita and John F. Kennedy Hospitals within the first three months of his presidency if elected. Speaking to a group of journalists at his residence outside Monrovia, Dr. Moniba emphasized the urgent need to enhance the country’s healthcare system.

Under the Moniba-Kpan Administration, he stated that this significant milestone would be accomplished by improving Liberia’s connectivity with the rest of the world and addressing the numerous challenges faced by the health sector. Dr. Moniba firmly believes that Liberians should not have to travel to neighboring Ghana or other developed nations with superior healthcare services to receive necessary medical treatments.

In addition to this, Dr. Moniba pledged to implement a vital strategy to attract foreign direct investment and open up Liberia to international businesses if he is elected president in the upcoming October 10, 2023, presidential and legislative elections. He asserted that individuals holding valid passports would be granted on-arrival visas, aiming to stimulate the country’s struggling economy. The influx of diverse individuals from various backgrounds would have the opportunity to explore and contribute to Liberia’s growth and development.

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