Prominent CDC Figure Dr. Lester Tenny Accuses President Weah of Exploiting Supporters for Personal Gain, Predicts Weah’s Exclusion from 2029 Presidential Race

Dr. Lester Tenny, a prominent figure in the Coalition for Democratic Change, has made a bold accusation against President George Weah, their standard bearer. Tenny claims that President Weah has been using his supporters to benefit himself and his associates, disregarding the welfare of the ordinary citizens.

This statement from Tenny follows the ruling CDC’s flag bearer blaming the party’s leadership for their defeat in the 2023 presidential runoff elections. In a Facebook podcast on Tuesday, Tenny, a member of the party’s executive, expressed remorse for his time spent in the CDC, stating that President Weah is the worst president Liberia has ever witnessed.

Furthermore, Dr. Lester Tenny revealed that President Weah will not be running as the Coalition for Democratic Change candidate in the 2029 presidential election due to his poor leadership style. Tenny emphasized that President Weah’s concession speech after the November 14, 2023 runoff election clearly indicates his lack of intention to pursue the Liberian presidency in any future elections.

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