Report of Charlyne Brumskine Being Selected as the Running Mate to Cummings Spreads Like Wildfire; Grand Bassa Residents Express Excitement and Joy through Jubilation

Reports have surfaced that Charlyne Brumskine is set to become the CPP vice standard bearer, causing widespread jubilation across Grand Bassa County.

The news of the pick by CPP political leader Alexander Cummings has taken center stage in discussions at major entertainment spots, marketplaces, hotels, and Buchanan Beach in the port city.

Before this news, Brumskine was poised to contest the District No. 3 Representative seat.

Since declaring her intent to run, Brumskine has been receiving massive support from the Bassa people and is said to be picking up where her father left off in politics.

As the electioneering process gains momentum, any opponent in the race should be ready to face a herculean task.

Brumskine, a lawyer with over 18 years of experience, is licensed to practice law in Liberia, New York State, and Washington D.C. She is the founder of CMB Law Group, LLC, and an Assistant Professor at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia.

She holds degrees from Columbia University and Howard University School of Law.

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