Representative Hopeful Edwin P. Tisdell Celebrates 38th Birthday

Aspirant Tisdell of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) celebrated his 38th birth anniversary at his residence in Jacob Town, District #2, Montserrado County.

The aspirant elaborated during his birthday speech that he has come to lead the people of electoral District #2 in Montserrado County.

Mr. Tisdell added that, as a leader, ” we should give others the Chance to lead.”

The Honorable in waiting also stressed on an important point regarding the vision to lead; “it is not about being young or old, it is about a person who has a vision.”

The aspirant also noted that he has come with a vision to lead the people of district #2.

During his birthday speech, the aspirant also make known his intention to inhabitants District #2 that he wants to contest for the District’s higher seat.

Mr. Tisdell is a business man and has been engaged in business for 11 years.

The aspirant, during his birthday speech, also made mention of some unfinished projects in the District, such as the Public School and bad road connectivity wirhin the District, leading from Lonestar to Rehab Community in Jacob Town.

The aspirant also pointed out some key issues on his agenda, when elected as lawmaker of District #2 ; something that has to do with the US$30,000 received by the incumbent lawmaker, who will need to be accountable for the US$30K received from the legislature.

Mr. Tisdell used his 38th birthday speech to warn the incumbent lawmaker of District #2,Montserrado County.

Written By: Felecia Kpabar

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