Roland O. Cooper Secures Victory in Margibi District One After Recount Amid Allegations of Election Irregularities

Mr. Roland O. Cooper, the newly elected representative of electoral district one in Margibi County, has emerged victorious once again after a recent recount carried out by the local office of the National Elections Commission in Kakata, the county’s capital.

The decision to recount ballot papers in 24 polling places was made in response to a complaint filed by Maria Eva Derner, a candidate from the CDC party, who alleged fraud and irregularities in the election.

Despite being the closest competitor to Roland Opee Cooper in the representative race held on October 10, 2023, Maria Eva Derner was defeated by a narrow margin of just over 436 votes. This prompted her to file a complaint with the Board of the NEC, citing ballot tampering and other issues.

To solidify his victory, the elected lawmaker gained an additional 27 votes during the recount, expanding his lead to 463 votes.

Shortly after his win, Timothy, the official spokesperson for Team Cooper, addressed the press, emphasizing Mr. Cooper’s commitment to significant development and unity as a way to reward the citizens of Margibi district one for entrusting him with their leadership.

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