Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor Expresses Confidence in CDC’s Chances of Winning Liberia’s Upcoming Presidential Election

The upcoming presidential election in Liberia on October 10, 2023, is anticipated to be a tight race with former Vice President Joseph Boakai and former Executive of Coca-Cola Worldwide Alexander Cummings challenging incumbent President George Manneh Weah for a second term.

Despite this, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor of the Coalition for Democratic Change is confident that their party will emerge victorious.

In an interview with the Editor-In-Chief of the Congress for Africa Journalists (CAJ) Magazine, Taylor spoke about the political and social issues that have plagued Liberia in recent years, their chances of winning the election, and their plans for a better Liberia.

She expressed her unwavering support for President Weah and promised to do everything in her power to ensure his re-election.

Taylor acknowledged the challenges that the CDC administration inherited, including a struggling economy due to a decline in foreign investment and the departure of major NGOs. However, she emphasized that they have been working tirelessly to create macroeconomic stability, reduce inflation, and increase internal revenue capacity. As a result, Liberia now has the largest budget since the end of the civil war.

Despite the obstacles, Vice President Taylor remains optimistic about the future of Liberia under the leadership of President Weah and the CDC.

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