To Increase Accountability in all Sectors, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon calls on the Liberia Council of Churches to Strive for Integrity in its Existence

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has called on the Liberia Council of Churches to strive for integrity in its existence.

Senator Dillon said it is time for the churches in Liberia to take the lead in standing against dishonesty and start to promote integrity in society.

He noted that collective action against corruption is cardinal in the promotion of good governance, poverty eradication and economic growth.

Senator Dillon said if corruption is to be kicked out of Liberia, civil society groupings and other professional bodies like the Press Union of Liberia and the Liberia National Bar Association must intensify their voices against the act.
The Montserrado County Senator made the statement during the weekend at a program marking the observance of International Anti- Corruption Day organized by the Liberia Council of Churches.

For his part, the LCC President Rev. Samuel Reeves has demanded the organizers of Liberia 200 year bicentennial celebration to report their achievement during the event.

According to him, doing so will not just help to fight corruption but it will promote integrity in government.

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