By: Ayeason Yeeba
Contacts: 0880279714/0770376618

Buchanan – A 24-year old disadvantage youth identified as Emmanuel Davis has been arrested and detained for allegedly burglarizing graves at the Sugarcane Farm Cemetery in Buchanan.

Davis was apprehended by members of Buchanan City Police after a complain was filed by a community dweller who asked not to named but expressed concern over the rise in criminality within their community.

He was detained for hours until he admitted to the police that breaking graves to get steel rod had been his way of earning living in Buchanan for years .

Davis informed the police that he’s going to desist from his criminal actions and rebuild those damaged graves .

“ I been breaking graves for sometime now to get the steel rod and other items and sell them just to get food “.

He furthered “ I am pleading with the police to forgive me because I have decided to stop breaking down graves as of today’s date “.

It is unclear as to whether the alleged criminal has been set free but in-house sources lately inform our reporter that Davis was set free due to his commitment to build the damaged graves .

However , Locals have called on authorities to provide maximum security protection, adding that the continuous breaking into graves will create future health hazards for them .

According to them , the criminals are said to be using cemeteries as hideouts, as they unleash their criminal activities in Sugarcane farm and other parts of Buchanan.

The residents are calling for fence to be constructed around the main cemetery with gate and assignment of security officers, so as to avoid the area being used as hideout for criminals.

It can be recalled , similar incident occurred months ago in the Gunnigar’s Town Cemetery after unknown men broke into a grave .

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