Aggrieved Deceased LAC Employee Family Reportedly Reached an Agreement with Company Management

The family of the late Liberian Agriculture Company worker, Emmanuel, Joe, is still reeling from the industrial accident that led to the death of their loved one.

The family is holding the company liable for the untimely death of their relative saying such gruesome death would have been prevented if not for negligence and lack of safety regime at the LAC Plantation.

The family spokesperson, Oliver Joe said that the Liberia Agriculture Company is one hundred percent responsible for his brother’s death and should be prepared to meet the family’s demands.

He wants LAC to, among other things send the deceased older son abroad for studies and build houses for his children.

For his part, LAC Human Resource and Administrative Manager, Harry Attoh described the incident as sad, but could not admit to negligence saying the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Liberia Agriculture Company and family members of Emmanuel, Joe who was grounded by the company’s Processing Machines have reportedly reached a memorandum of Understanding gearing towards the welfares of the deceased family members.

The two parties are said to have reached an agreement that the body of Emmanuel Joe be buried this Tuesday, August 31 in the port city of Buchanan.

Such major undertaking towards a fruitful arrangement was being initiated by the Ministries of Labour, Agriculture, Justice and the Liberian Senate Committee on Labor when they toured the area on facts finding mission.

Amid the situation, the Liberia Agriculture Company management committed itself to providing 20 thousand United States Dollars towards the erection of housing facilities for immediate family members of the late Emmanuel Joe.

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