Bahn City Residents in Fear After Unexplained Killing of Chickens and Ducks

Residents of Bahn City in Nimba County are said to be living with fear following the mass death of chickens and ducks in the area.

The animals, about 50 in number, were owned by the residents.

They all died about a week ago in one of the neighborhoods called Koluo Community, leaving residents in shock, as they have never seen such mass death of domesticated animals in their area.

The District Health Officer (DHO) of the area, Abraham Kargbo, told FrontPage Africa that one of the dead animals was sent to the Ministry of Health in Monrovia for testing.

Mr. Kargbo said in the wake of the unprecedented event, he immediately instructed the District Surveillance Officer to organize a team to bury the dead animals with a warning that they should not be eaten.

The Ministry’s Communications Officer, Felicial Gbesioh, said she came across the news on Facebook but was not aware that one of the dead animals is being tested by the Ministry. She promised to inquire from relevant officials and return with more substantive answers.

Back in Bahn, residents there are anxious and awaiting results from Monrovia.

Meanwhile, the unprecedented event is happening at a time the country is grappling with COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health, with support from its partners, is intensifying its fight against the pandemic with the supply of the vaccines across the country.

Recently, the Nimba County Health Team received a consignment of the J.&J. vaccines and has since began administering in several parts of the county.

Health authorities from Nimba and the central office in Monrovia will be hoping that this latest incident is brought under control.

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