Bassa Citizen Wants Appropriate Account for Over 260,000 USD Usage

Concerned citizens of Grand Bassa County are demanding proper accountability from Buchanan City Mayor Moses Haynes for over Two Hundred and Sixty Thousand United States Dollars he received from UMARCO Shipping Company as royalty cash.

The citizens said since Mayor Haynes collected the money from the company about three years ago, they are yet to see any positive impact in the county.

The aggrieved citizens further described as a massive corruption, deception and bad governance under the Coalition for Democratic Change led-government, the alleged failure of the City Mayor to adequately inform citizens of Grand Bassa County about how the cash was spent.

They also expressed their sorrow at the fact that a government official received and spent public funds on behalf of the county and its citizens without accountability.

The concerned citizens of the county further accused members of the Grand Bassa Legislative Caucus for their inability to apply their oversight responsibility to invite Mayor Haynes to the plenary of the House of Representatives, to explain to that august body on the use of the cash.

They, however called on the county’s legislative caucus to ensure that the proper account is given by the Buchanan City Mayor.

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