Bea Mountain Mining Corporation Constructs State-of-the-Art TVET School in Grand Cape Mount County

Education Minister Professor Ansu Dao Sonii expressed his admiration for the Management of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) for their efforts in constructing a state-of-the-art Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) School in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County.

During a press conference on Friday, July 21, 2023, following a comprehensive tour of the school’s premises, Minister Sonii praised the Company for building what he described as an “impressive school facility,” meeting the expectations set by the Ministry of Education.

Named the Daniel F. Tolbert Academy and Vocational Institute, the school, which is set to commence regular academic activities in September of this year, was exclusively funded by BMMC. Once operational, the TVET School will be under the administration and management of the Government of Liberia, with support from the company.

“We extend our gratitude to Bea Mountain for providing these facilities. This partnership is highly valuable, and it is important to note that this is not solely a company’s school. It is a government-owned institution provided by the Company for the benefit of the people,” emphasized Minister Sonii.

“While they will assist in its maintenance, it is our duty as citizens, along with our Board, PTA, and students, to ensure its proper upkeep.”

Minister Sonii also urged the residents of Grand Cape Mount County to take full responsibility for the TVET School constructed by BMMC.

“We must abandon the notion that this is solely government property. After all, the government does not occupy these classrooms. It is the children of the local community who attend school here,” he emphasized.

He took the opportunity to call upon the residents of Kinjor and Cape Mount to actively contribute to the maintenance of the school facility.

“When we appreciate gifts, we must utilize them wisely. This inspires the donors to continue their generous contributions. If we are careless with these gifts, we do not deserve more, as no one wants to invest their resources without seeing any returns. While Bea Mountain has a general responsibility in this regard, it is also our duty to ensure that we maintain their trust by taking care of what they have provided. This way, they will be encouraged to offer further support,” Minister Sonii explained.

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