Buchanan’s Port PRO Dragged to Court for Allegedly Accusing a School Principal of Having Sex with Student

In a report coming from Buchanan, the Public Relations Officer of the Port of Buchanan Hilary Mentoe, has been taken to court for alleging that the Principal of the Brumskine School in Buchanan had a love affair with a female student.

According to local media in the county , Hilary Mentoe allegedly accused the school’s principal of having a love affairs with a female Student who is Mentoe’s relative.

He was dragged to the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court by Mr . Abraham Karr for over US$500K in damages..

The Court however ordered the living body of Mr . Mentoe to appear before the court on the 1st of October this year .

It can be recalled, In August of 2021, Mr. Abraham Karr, the principal of the school, expelled four students from the senior class for going against the rules and regulations of the school.

Those students who were expelled were: Alfred Mollie, Prince Gongar, Lee Johnson and Justus Sandoe.

The parents of the four expelled students told reporters that they appealed to the principal; but he did not listen to them, something that prompted them to take the matter to the Circuit Court.

The Court later ordered the WPL Brumskine United Methodist High School to give the expelled students their Wassec Numbers, something he allegedly refused to have done, but had to do so due to court’s order .

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