Coalition for Democratic Change Youth Leader Appeals to President Weah for Mini Sports Park in Grand Bassa County

Meshard Topayon, the youth wing chair for the Coalition for Democratic Change in Grand Bassa County, made a heartfelt plea to President George Weah for the development of a mini sports park in their county.

Recognizing the significance of having a sports park similar to the renowned Invincible Sports Park in Montserrado County, Topayon emphasized the importance of providing the youth in Grand Bassa County with a similar facility. He expressed the desires of the county’s youth, stating, “The young people of Grand Bassa County are earnestly appealing for the establishment of a mini sports park. Mr. President, we kindly request a facility like the Invincible Sports Park that you built in town to be constructed here in Grand Bassa County.”

Topayon took the opportunity to express his gratitude to President Weah for his various development projects throughout Grand Bassa County. He highlighted the immense contributions made by the president, including the construction of the Fairgrounds road, the payment of WASSCE fees, the GBU bridge, and the Doris Williams Sports Stadium, among others.

In response to Topayon’s plea, President Weah assured his commitment to fulfilling their request. He stated, “We have heard the plea of this young man, who has asked for a sports park. My dear young brother, since you desire a facility similar to the ones we have built in Clara Town and West Point, including the famous Invincible Park, if this land rightfully belongs to the government, we can acquire it and construct a field and park right here in Grand Bassa County.”

President Weah made this commitment during his camping tour in Wayzohn City, Wee Statutory district of Grand Bassa County.

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