Concerned Citizens of Buu-yoa Statutory District want Lawmaker to Account for US$30K

Concerned citizens of Buu-yoa Statutory District in Nimba County Electoral District Five have staged a peaceful protest on the grounds of the Capitol Building, demanding that Representative Samuel Kogar account for how he used the US$30K.

It can be recalled that the government of Liberia, through the Executive Branch, gave each member of the legislature US$30K for their legislative engagements.

Speaking to Dakpannah 24 on Tuesday, the group spokesperson, Emmanuel Gonzia stressed that since the Nimba County Electoral District Five lawmaker received his share of the money, he has reportedly failed to underwrite any tangible project within his district which consists of over 60 towns.

The concerned citizens of Buu-yoa Statutory District further noted that Representative Kogar is under obligation to account to them, whatever fund he receives from the House of Representatives in the interest of his citizens.

They also believe that IS$30K, when made available, will address some key facilities, including the construction of medical centers, adding that Electoral District Five of Nimba County currently does not have a school.

The group has threatened to demand the immediate resignation of Representative Samuel Kogar if he fails to address their plights in the soonest possible time.

According to Emmanuel Gonzia, Representative Kogar was elected by the citizens of Electoral District Number Five, stressing that the same citizens have the constitutional backing to call for the immediate resignation of any elected official, including their lawmaker.

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