Rev. Saywon asserted

Ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections, a Representative Aspirant of District # 3 Sinoe County Rev. Shedrick Saywon is urging citizens in the district to desist from practicing divisive Facebook politics and conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

Speaking to Reporters Friday, Rev. Shadrick Saywon noted that though politics is a competition, citizens must not allow politics to divide them.

Rev. Saywon added that in order for the district to experience rapid development, there is a need for citizens to vote in the interest of the district.

He at the same time emphasize the need for those he called fake politicians to stop gaining wealth at the detriment of the ordinary masses.

The former representative candidate disclosed that most of the divisive politics been preach in Sinoe is based on Facebook post and Comments and not in actual term as it have been propagated on the social media.

He mentions if Liberia and Sinoe should move forward she must do away with the blinded Facebook propaganda which have the propensity to tear down Every Meaningful Economic.

Rev Saywon said this has been the means which most politician’s employees use as a mean of protecting their job and damaging the Image of other Meaningful Politicians on social media.

He further said the interest of the common people are more vital then personal interest as such elected officials are accountable to the people and they should not be seen as godfather but Servants of their employers(the citizens).  Written By: Elijah D S Pyne

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