Fairgrounds Residents Threaten to Block Main Street, as Dirt Swallows Up Community

As the saying goes, “Clean Environment, Save Lives“ but the Mayor of Buchanan City, Moses Haynes, has allegedly created a dump site on the Fairgrounds community that is causing serious health problems for its residents.

The Fairgrounds community houses the Grand Bassa Superintendent’s Residence, Buchanan City Hall, the County Unification Pavilion, and Bassa Youth Caucus offices.

The headquarters of the Liberian National Police and the National Election Commission are part of major offices on the fairgrounds.

The dumb site allegedly created by the mayor of Buchanan is apparently creating health constraints for people living closer to the land.

Solid waste by-products deposited in landfills have negative effects on the surrounding environment and on humans living near landfills.

People who live closer to landfill sites suffer from medical conditions such as asthma, diarrhea, stomach pain, reoccurring flu, cholera, malaria, cough, skin irritation, and giardia more than the people living far away from landfill sites.
Community dwellers complained that they’ve met the Buchanan Mayor Moses Haynes to have him remove the dump site but to no avail.

They threatened to drag the dirt on the main street pretty soon if the mayor refuses to remove the dirt by the weekend.

Dakpannah 24 contacted the head of Communications of the Buchanan City Corporation, Frank Payne, via phone as he explained their plans to remove the dirt soon.

Payne mentioned that Mayor Haynes contacted his partners to help clear up the dirt with a machine.

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