Garr Whipa Residents Threaten to Boycott 2023 Elections Over Government’s Failure to Assist Storm Victims

In the small town of Garr Whipa, Nimba County, frustration and disappointment have driven hundreds of citizens to threaten to boycott the upcoming 2023 presidential and legislative elections. This decision was made in response to the government’s failure to provide assistance to families whose homes were damaged by a violent rainstorm earlier this month.

On May 4, 2023, the disastrous storm left over eighty houses in the town damaged, resulting in hundreds of citizens being left homeless. Many women and children suffered injuries of varying degrees.

Despite this, the government’s Disaster Management Committee has yet to make any significant impact on the affected citizens.

Town Chief of Whipa, Mr. Ezekiel Nyankpoar, expressed his disappointment in the government’s lack of action towards the affected citizens.

The town has been contributing significantly to Liberia’s revenue generation through taxes on rubber and other agriculture-related resources. However, the government has been reluctant to seek the welfare of the town’s citizens since the incident.

Chief Nyankpoar also criticized their District Representative, Prince Tokpah, for failing to reach out to them in person since the disaster occurred over three weeks ago. He is now calling on philanthropists and humanitarian organizations to come to their aid by helping the storm disaster victims repair their damaged homes and provide them with basic necessities such as clothing, food, and medication.

Currently, most of the disaster victims, especially those whose houses were completely destroyed, are sleeping in huts on their respective farms.

Garr Whipa is a small town in District #2 Nimba County with a population of over 3,000 inhabitants.

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