Gaygay Addresses Rice Shortage Concerns, Proposes New Holidays

A renowned Liberian businessman, Kollie Gaygay has called on relevant authorities in national government responsible for the stability of food prices to swiftly address the shortage of rice on Liberian market.

Currently, it has been observed that thousands of citizens, including local business owners are standing in queue and struggling to purchase a bag of rice or more at various wholesale distributing centers.

Speaking Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Dakpannah 24 News on the Bushrod Island, Gaygay described the shortage of the country’s staple food as risky and detrimental to the living condition of the masses; something he said has the propensity to put citizens against the government.

The Kollie Gaygay Business Center Chief Executive Officer further stressed the need for President George Weah to constructively engage business tycoons who are responsible for the importation of major commonalities, including rice to amicably resolve the matter.

He also admonished citizens to remain constructively engaged with national leaders about the matter and avoid protestation, adding that protest has not been the best way forward.

Meanwhile, Kollie Gaygay has joined calls, thus proposing to the Legislature to merge some major public holidays which he believes are similar in the constitution.

He wants former Presidents Joseph Jenkins Roberts and William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman’s birthdays to be combined and celebrated on a single day in remembrance of past presidents, something he believes if not done, other citizens who believe that President Weah is immensely transforming the country through development will demand his birthday to be celebrated by law.

Gaygay also named July 26 Independence Day and August 24 National Flag Day as another two similar public holidays that need to be combined by the Legislature, stressing that many public holidays had been enacted into law without bringing any economic dividend to the country.

“Look, during the celebration of these holidays in our country, it is the poor people that suffer the restrictions from national government but the interesting thing about it too is that, the very government loses huge revenue that should have been collected by the Liberia Revenue Authority”. He asserted.

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