BUCHANAN- March 16, 2023-The Assistant Minister for American Affairs at the foreign Ministry, Hon Maxwell Vah has accused the civil society chairman of Grand Bassa County of corruption.

Minister Vah accused Mr. Barley Tokpah of misappropriation of government’s money when he served as Development Superintendent during Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime.

“Mr.Tokpah was indicted by the General Auditing Commission for corruption malpractice, stating that he has not been acquitted”, Minister Vah added.

Minister Vah stated. “Mr. Barley Tokpah was told to restitute the money that he misapplied. But, Mr. Tokpah has not yet replaced the money”.

Based on his alleged corrupt act, the Assistant Minister is calling on Superintendent Janjay Baikpeh and other county officials to not honor any communication under the signature of Mr.Tokpah.

At the same time, he is calling on Mr. Barley Tokpah to resign his post as Chairman because he doesn’t have the moral standing to be the head of the CSO in the county.

For his part, Mr. Barely Tokpah has challenged Assistant Minister Maxwell Vah to prove his allegation of corruption against him.

“If Minister Vah can prove his allegation that I was caught by GAC in act of corruption, I will resign my post without delay”, he stressed.

Mr.Tokpah termed minister Vah allegation as something that does not have any foundation of truth telling.

Tokpa elucidated. “During my time as Development Superintendent, I received 1- Million United States dollars which was properly managed”.

In his clarification, he said that he has never been indicted by GAC and found guilty of corruption as claimed by minister Vah.

The former Development Superintendent, who is now the Civil Society Chairman of Grand Bassa County, mentioned that if minister Vah feels that he was indicted, he should take the GAC report to court.

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