Grand Bassa County Police Commander Issues Stern Warning Against Electoral Flyer Destruction, Vows Swift Action

To uphold a peaceful electoral process, the Police Commander of Grand Bassa County has issued a strong warning to individuals who are involved in the destruction of candidates’ flyers, cautioning that such actions may result in electoral violence.

Commander William Johnson has made a commitment to apprehend and prosecute anyone caught engaging in such destructive behavior.

According to various Representative and Senatorial Candidates, there has been a surge in incidents where their campaign materials, particularly their flyers, have been deliberately destroyed in recent weeks.

In response to these concerning incidents, the county police commander has taken a proactive approach to address the issue and ensure a secure and equitable electoral atmosphere.

During an interview with our reporter, the commander emphasized that tearing down election flyers not only constitutes vandalism but also poses a substantial threat to the democratic process.

“We aim to deliver a clear and unequivocal message to those responsible for tearing down candidates’ flyers: your actions are not only against the law but also have the potential to incite violence during this critical period. We will not tolerate such behavior, and anyone caught engaging in these actions will face severe legal consequences,” the commander firmly stated.

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