House of Representatives Summons Government Officials to Address Disturbing Incidents at Bea Mountain Mining Corporation

In an effort to address the disturbing incidents that occurred at the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation in Grand Cape Mount County, the Plenary of the House of Representatives has called upon Inspector General of Police Patrick Sudue, Labor Minister Charles Gibson, and Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to appear before full plenary this Thursday, June 29, 2023.

The objective of summoning these high-ranking government officials is to ensure they receive a mandate approved by the esteemed body, following a comprehensive investigation conducted at the mining corporation. This invitation serves as an opportunity for them to be briefed on the findings and take necessary actions accordingly.

The decision to summon these officials was made on Tuesday, after the House’s Joint Committee on Lands, Mines, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, Investment and Concessions, National Security, and Labor submitted a progress report. The joint committee was specifically formed to investigate the allegations made by Representative Thomas Goshua of Grand Bassa County District Five, regarding violent activities at the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation.

In a recent communication to the plenary, Representative Goshua expressed his concerns regarding a certain group of individuals, purportedly affiliated with Bea Mountain, who engaged in violent activities on June 4, 2023. These individuals reportedly assaulted numerous employees of the company, including both local and foreign workers, and even targeted the company’s lawyer, who narrowly escaped with their life.

The House of Representatives, recognizing the gravity of these allegations and the need for immediate action, has taken this step to ensure accountability and justice prevail. By summoning the Inspector General of Police, Labor Minister, and Justice Minister, the House seeks to address the situation effectively and restore peace and security within the mining corporation and its surrounding community.

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