Huge Palm Tree Kills Son of Dugbe River District Superintendent

A report from Sinoe County says that the son of Dugbe River District Superintendent, Alphonso Wiah, has mysteriously died after a huge palm tree accidentally fell on him in Electoral District #2, Sinoe County.

Narrating the unfortunate incident Tuesday to this media institution, the brother of the late Melvin Wiah, Abraham Wiah said the incident occurred at about 3:00pm on August 7, 2021 in Karquakpo City when his 20-year-old brother left the town for the bush to cut cold wood.

He added that while they were working, his brother insisted on cutting down a palm tree, which he said had been an embarrassment to him, after being prevented from removing it on several occasions; the tree mistakenly fell in the victim’s direction and he was subsequently rushed to the nearby health facility where he was later pronounced dead by doctors.

Currently, the situation has left tears in the eyes of scores of family and community, which has them pondering over the occurrence .

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