In Maryland County, law enforcement officials have apprehended three adolescents for unearthing a human skull from a burial site. Nevertheless, the suspects claim that their actions were not motivated by malice or ill will.

In Harper, Maryland County, three teenagers were apprehended by the Hoffman Station’s Community Watch Forum team for removing a human skull from a grave.

The St. James Episcopal Church in Harper was where the suspects, identified as Alphonso Nevis, George Satia, and Hilary Prowd, were taken into custody.

After being handed over to the Liberian National Police Maryland County detachment, they were taken to the Commissioner of Hoffman Station Township’s residence for questioning.

In an interview with a correspondent from Bana FM, the suspects explained that their actions were not motivated by any sinister intent. George Satia claimed that while they were having a meal, they decided to visit the graveyard. When they approached a grave, they shone a light and discovered the human skull. This discovery prompted them to remove it and place it behind the bathroom.

Alphonso Nevis stated that the next morning, Satia started chasing children in the yard with the skull.

The suspects, aged 11, 14, and 16 years old, have been transferred to the LNP in Maryland County for further investigation.

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