LDEA Officer Terrorizes Local Woman Over Land Plot

Janice Kandakai, a resident of the Township of Caldwell, has called on the government to immediately intervene and investigate an officer of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, Winston Manneh, for allegedly threatening to kill her and her family for refusing to sell land to him.

Miss Kandakai, in an interview with this media institution, noted that officer Manneh has reportedly been behind her for the parcel of land for his family, but she told him that she is not thinking about selling the land; something according to her, prompted Manneh to openly disclose that he a grudge against her until he can buy the land on behalf of his boss man.

Madam Kandakai, speaking to Dakpannah 24 News & Television on Wednesday, alleged that due to her refusal to sell her land, the LDEA officer Winston Manneh reportedly ordered the merciless flogging of her husband Jamesby officers of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

To victim Morlu’s wife, Officer Manneh openly admitted that he has a grudge against her for her unwillingness to sell the parcel to him, noting that the LDEA officer is only pretending that she and her husband are into drug dealing in the community to get at them by all costs.

Madam Janice Kandakai further indicated that Officer Winston Manneh has also threatened to allegedly kill her other family members, including herself, like the lady identified as Oretha, a resident of Caldwell was reportedly murdered and her corpse was dashed along the train track in the area.

The business woman is at the same time calling on the government of Liberia through the national security apparatus to swiftly intervene into the matter, adding that she and her family are currently living in fear and do not know the next step to be taken against her by Officer Winston Manneh.

Moreover, Miss Kandakai emphasized to drag to court the LDEA officer to provide more explanation through the justice system and to also demand him to pay for everything that got damaged, including some cash which was reportedly taken away by he and his fellow officers of the LDEA during the forceful entry into her house in search for drugs.

According to her, for over 15 years now she and her husband have not been involved in the selling of drugs, contrary to Officer Winston Manneh’s claims, stressing that she sells rocks, perfumes and sand, while her husband James Morlu is involved in the aluminum business.

Meanwhile, Officer Winston Manneh, at his Caldwell residence, vehemently debunked the information provided by Janice Kandakai, saying that it is a calculated plan by the lady and her husband, adding that her husband, James Morlu along with one of his clients were allegedly caught smoking drugs, when he took some LDEA officers to his house.

“Her allegation is false, her husband was arrested smoking drugs constantly, he runs a ghetto and I complained him to the LDEA office here in Caldwell

Morlu cannot be at the back of the school and selling and smoking drugs along with a client, it’s not possible.

My aim is to have that drug abuser faced the legal system because his act poses serious threat to the kids and other citizens in the community.” Manneh asserted.

Manneh also vowed to take James Morlu to court for his alleged consistent act of selling and abusing drugs in the community, stressing that he is doing nothing outside of the law.

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