Liberian Journalist Aaron Tarlue Frowns at Reporters Association of Liberia President’s Style of Leadership

Professional Liberian Journalist Aaron Tarlue has expressed his dissatisfaction in the leadership style of Reporters Association of Liberia (RAL) President Cecelia Gilklay Clarke.

In an in-house letter directed at the RAL President which is in possession of Dakpannah 24, the Liberian journalist noted that since the election that brought Madam Cecelia Clark as President, the organization is yet to feel the impact of Madam Clark’s leadership.

He said that as a President, it is expected that Madam Clark advocates for the welfare of every reporter in the country, but as it stands she is using her position at the expense of the organization where she is acquiring riches for herself and those who are dancing according to her rhythm, while reporters who stood in a long queue and voted for her continue to suffer and are living at the mercy of media owners.

Mr. Torlue noted that it is unthinkable to see Madam Clarke “running the affairs of the organization in her hand bag along with her surrogates.”

Mr. Tarlue stated that the RAL President has “limited the prestige of the noble Association to ELBC reporters with no regard for the other Reporters.“

He also mentioned that RAL is cascading each day that passes and if nothing is done it will disappear into thin air.

He pointed out that since the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) gave Madam Clarke office space to steer the affairs of the association, members are yet to see her spending a single day there for working session and strategic planning. Stating that she has failed to finish the office but rather reduce RAL to a “hand bag”.

The Liberian media personnel also named the establishment of the database for the organization, which launched months ago, stating that it’s in limo.

He alleged that the RAL President’s concern is to masquerade in the corridor of RAL’s chatroom with Law School Entrance result.

He reminded the Reporters Association of Liberia President, Madam Cecelia Clark, of her popular campaign slogan of changing the lives of reporters across the county.

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