Lofians are Living in Fear Says Moses Tarrtoe

Lofa County Deputy Youth Speaker Moses Tarrtoe says the people of Lofa are living in total fear, due to the refusal of the government to certificate Senator Elect J. Brownie Samukai.

According to him, the failed representation at the Senate has been creating fear in every part of the county.

Moses Tarrtoe further described the attendance of the Press Union of Liberia in Foya City as being poor, due to the dissatisfaction of the people in the county to welcome the media institution.

He further indicated that the people of Lofa are disenchanted due to the county failed representation, and as such, the government should quickly move in and protect the people.

Moses Tarrtoe made the disclosure on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, in Foya City, Lofa County at the program “Enhancing the Voices of citizens and the Government for Sustainable Development” as part of Press Union of Liberia’s 57th anniversary celebration.

” I think, we all witnessed what happened during the political seem when some Lofa citizens believed to be supporters of J. Brownie Samukai walked out of the program hall on grounds that they are not satisfied with the government decision to not certificate their Senator Elect”.

“I want for the Press to realize on this that the people of Lofa are living in total fear because of their failed representation at the Senate,” he said.

Moses Tarrtoe also said the majority of the young people in Lofa County have already graduated from high school, and as such, the government should create an avenue to empower them through education, to enable them become better people in the society.

“On many occasions we have listened to older people saying that the future of the country is actually in the hands of the young people. But what are they doing to prepare them for the future?” he asked.

“Because of lack of opportunities for young people in the country, most of them who are already high school graduate have become Motorcyclists, and some are taking in drugs,” he acknowledged.

“This should be a wake up call to all our nation leaders that young people in Liberia need opportunities to help prepare them for the future”.

“Young people in this county cannot boost of Youth centers and intellectual centers as a means to prepare challenge their other colleagues from other counties both intellectual and sports due to lack of facilities, he disclosed”.

Lofa County Youth Deputy Speaker also maintained that the county still carried the titles the “Bread Basket of Liberia” but the bad road conditions in the county have become the major challenge.

According to him, they have enough food in their various villages and towns across the county, but transporting it to Montserrado County for commercial purposes has become a greater challenge.
“At times, our produces spent over one week on the road before reaching to Montserrado County and sometimes it ends up spoiling,” he mentioned.
“How do you think people will still recognize us as the bread basket of the county with these kinds of road challenges. We have enough food to supply for no roads,”he further indicated.

Also remarking at the program, the Program Director of Radio Tambatikor, Josiah Saahkeh said the Justice system in Liberia is very poor, adding that, the sons and daughters of the county have suffered mob violence on several occasions without proper redress from the court.

Mr. Saahkeh furthered indicated that ritualistic killing has become one of the primary concerns in the county on grounds that many of their citizens have been killed on many occasions.

According to him, the 10th Judicial Circucourt in the county is not doing much to render Justice for the mysterious killing and constant mob violence of their citizens, and as such, the government should see reason and make quick intervention and protect their citizens.

“Now people will commit crimes here or get involved in to mob violence and later be taken to the 10th Judicial Circuit Court for redress and the same court rendered justice in said person favored and he or she will be passing over the place boost about the act,” he said.

“You see what I said about the Justice System in our country that it is very poor,” he maintained.

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