Margibi County Electoral District One Decides on US $18K Usage

Following a day-long meeting among citizens and leaders of Margibi County Electoral District #1, they have finally agreed to underwrite some key projects with the recently allocated US $18,000 to the district.

Margibi County Electoral District #1 Representative Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh, stakeholders, and residents gathered at his constituency office in Boys Town over the weekend, to find a way forward for the use of the money.

The allotment of said fund comes following the outcome of the county sitting recently held in Kakata to arrive at a decision about the usage of the US $100,00 County Development Fund for the year 2020/2021, when the US $18,000 was allotted to each electoral district within Margibi and US $10,000 was also apportioned for the county Project Management Committee.

During the Margibi-Electoral District #1 Sitting Saturday, August 7, 2021, the stakeholders and delegates resolved to allot the fund in completing existing projects and provide aids for government volunteer teachers, including paramount and clan chiefs in the district.

Outlining the major priorities on which US $18,000 is to be used as per their agreement, the Chairperson of Bervely Hill Community, Jackson Mah said US $10,000 will be used to complete the Duazon Police Station construction, US $5000 towards the Garzon Reserve Clinic to begin operations, US $2000 will be used to aid government volunteer teachers and US $1000 will be given to assist the paramount and clan chiefs in carrying out their various operations in the county.

In remarks, Margibi County Electoral District #1 Representative, Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh, lauded all participants for their cooperation for the success of the stakeholder meeting.

Also commenting on the District Development Council, Representative Tarponweh said his office will work with key stakeholders and community leaders within his constituency to restructure the DDC in his district.

The District Sitting was graced by Mboo Superintendent, George Kallon, Kabbah District, Abraham Garway and Schiefflin Township Commissioner, Tony Brown.

Also in attendance were civil society group leaders, several youth groups officials, political group leaders, traditional chiefs and elders, including other citizens of Margibi County.

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