Ministry of Education Suspends Sinoe County Education Officer (CEO)

By: Ayeason Yeeba
Contacts: 0880279714/0770376618

The Senior Management Team of the Ministry of Education, Chaired by Prof. Dr. D. Ansu Sonii, Sr., Minister, has suspended with immediate effect Mr. Aphonso S. Kanboh, CEO of Sinoe County for one month without pay.

The suspension of Mr. Kanboh is based on his inability to submit his County’s Quarterly Report to the Office of the Deputy Minister for Instruction in time.

According to Minister Sonii, the Senior Management Team takes serious exception to any act of delinquency that may result to inadequate supervision and reporting on activities of education across the country, including teachers and students attendance.

Minister Sonii added that the suspension of the Sinoe County CEO should serve as sufficient deterrence to any Education Officer who takes his/her duties likely.

The Minister urged every CEO to remain committed, passionate, and hardworking for the improvement of the Education system.

Accordingly, the Resident DEO of Sinoe, Mr Moses C. Tuwleh has been instructed to act as CEO while Mr. Kanboh serves the duration of his suspension.

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