Mission for Today Holy Church National Overseer Donates Scholarships Valued at L$1.4M to the Federation of Borough Youths

The National Overseer of the Mission for Today Holy Church, Bishop Manasseh Conto, has donated L$1.4M worth of scholarships to the Federation of Borough Youths in Montserrado County Electoral District #16.

Speaking to Dakpannah 24 Monday on the Bush Road Island, Bishop Conto said he made the commitment to the mother’s youth group over the weekend, when he officially served as the guest speaker and chief launcher for the Federation of Borough Youth’s Annual Scholarship Fund Drive.

According to the Liberian clergyman, his L$1.4M worth of scholarships is intended to benefit 100 youths through vocational and technical training and 300 students for academic education respectively. He also promised L$10K for office use by the FOBY leadership.

Bishop Conto believes that the best way to improve the lives of citizens across the country is by giving them quality vocational and academic education.

The former Montserrado County Electoral District #16 representative candidate further clarified that his office engagement with youths in the district is void of politics; something he said that this is part of him for giving back to society.

He also stressed that his provision of assistance, be it financial or through kinds, as his motivation and driving force and will keep doing his best, whether or not he is elected as representative of the district.

Bishop emphasized that the scholarship provided by his office is specifically meant to benefit students of the district.

He also stressed that students who want to benefit from his scholarship through FOBY will directly have to attend both his vocational and academic schools in the Borough, adding that it will be unnecessary if he allows students to attend different schools through his scholarship, when he has institutions that provide what the students want.

The Mission for Today’s Holy Church National Overseer further urged the leadership of the Federation of Borough Youth to prioritize students who are seriously in need of help from the scholarship and avoid giving it to the wrong people.

Meanwhile, Bishop Conto called on the government of Liberia to allocate what he described as a giant size share of the national budget to the education sector and formulate more programs for disadvantaged Liberian youths and students across the country.

He also admonished politicians to revisit their plans on which they were elected by their citizens, predicting that there is dangerous Liberia ahead if the government fails to give attention to disadvantaged youths who are otherwise referred to as sagas.

Bishop Conto believes that most citizens, especially youths, often channel their grievances to their national leaders via the social media with harsh words due to frustration and joblessness in the country.

He said that despite these challenges, youths should always think about their future when expressing their grievances, adding that they are sometimes used by politicians for their selfish gains.

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