Mobile Clinic Launched in Bassa for People of Hard to Reach Places

The Senator of Grand Bassa County Jonathan Lambert Kaipay on Friday, August 6, 2021 launched a mobile clinic program aimed at providing short term medical relief to people of hard to reach places in some part of Grand Bassa.

This initiative was launched at Weh Town, Nyuehniwein Clan, District 1, Grand Bassa County and other surrounding communities.

Sen. Kaipay said the mobile clinic is a short term approach to addressing the health needs of the people, and promised to strengthen the advocacy and make budgetary allocations for a long term solution.

Weh Town is one of several towns in Nyuehniwein clan that is expected to benefit from the medical program. It is a hard to reach part of Bassa, laying across the Farmington River. Weh Town is several miles away on foot due to lack of motor road. The clans of Gozohn and Saywein, in the same region, are also benefitting clans.

Senator Kaipay’s mobile clinic will look after common illnesses affecting the local population, women and children.

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