Mr. Marshall, an Alumni of Risks Institution, turned seven units Pigsty to the institution.

In an effort to improve agriculture activities an alumina of risk institute Dr. Aaron Marshall has turned over and dedicated seven poetry and pigsty units to the administration.

Speaking at the turning over ceremony Wednesday Dr. Marshall noted that the dedication was his own way of giving back to his former school stressing if Risk Institute must, compared to other institutions in Liberia, there is aneed for more support to its agricultural activities.

According to Dr. Marshall, the provision of working tools and the construction of other facilities that will provide shelter for animals at the institution’s agriculture farm can help reduce the challenges.

In response Risk institute acting principal Klahn Boloh Jagbah lauded Dr Marshall for his continuous support to the institution adding the sustainability of Risk relied on improving the agriculture activities of the institution he also stressed that the project been at Risks for more then 50yrs and have been abandon over the years after the war because of the senseless destruction of places every institution are struggling to get back on path, with the the intervention of Mr.Marshall it will help to revamp the project and return it to it normal stage .

the Principal disclosed that the project will open lot of opportunities for those that are interested in the Agriculture sector of the school he said the pightle need some renovation in order to have a decent environment for the pigs

he closed by saying it will take a little over two hundreds thousand united State Dollars [200.000USD] b” we believe that the project can sustain the institution and the school to bring the project to where it was before thew the outbreak of the War ” and we are making sure to make Ricks second to none in Liberia.

remarking at the same time was Rev Dr.Cllr. Pearl Brown Bull. The lawyer Risks institution this project will be used as a medium to encourage other graduates of the institution to look back to where they come and contribute to the development of the place because there is nowhere like home .

Rev.Bull added that through Mr. Marshall others can be able to assist the institution, she further said , without convention the school cannot run only on School fees we must rally around to make a better school and a great institution.

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Written By: Elijah D. S. Pyne

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