National Muslims Council of Liberia Frowns at Liberia’s Chief Imam Recent Statement of Anger and Threats

Chief Imam Ali Krayee

What appears to be an internal conflict in the Islamic Community as the National Muslims Council of Liberia has distanced itself from recent statements of anger and threats emerging from Liberia’s Chief Imam Ali Krayee predicting chaos in Liberia attempts to deny the legislation of Muslims holiday.

On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, when Muslims in Liberia joined millions of Muslims worldwide to celebrate the Islamic religious festival, Abraham Day, Imam Krayee took to the pulpit criticizing the national government management of the country.

Imam Krayee holds the view that Ramadan and Abraham Days should be legislated as a national holiday before 2022 celebrations of its Islamic religious festival.

Addressing a news conference late Monday evening in Monrovia, National Muslims Council of Liberia President Abdullah Mansaray said Imam Ali Krayee must desist from making utterances that could undermine peace and security of the state.

Meanwhile, Imam Abdullah Mansaray said Imam Krayee’s recent outburst using the pulpit towards other people’s faith is an act of provocation that must be condemned in the strongest terms.

Imam Mansaray stressed that such an unwholesome attack on the Christian community in the name of delivering sermons is total disregard to the correlation subsisting between the two faiths through the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia.

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