Nicholas Johnson Disagrees with the Criticisms of Potter and Nagbe

Finance and Development Planning Minister’s Deputy Advisor for Program and Policy, Nicholas Johnson says citizens who are criticizing Assistant Minister for Logistics, James Emmanuel Potter for his recent act would have done the same if they were in the same position.

Recently, James Emmanuel Potter, Assistant Minister for Logistics at the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs bought his wife a brand new vehicle and washed it with champagne on her birthday; a situation which met public outcry across the country.

Appearing as guest on New Liberia on Bana FM Friday, Johnson stressed that the Assistant Minister might have gone wrong politically, but he has his choice about how he wishes to celebrate his life partner.

He further termed as unfair for the perception of some Liberians that the Coalition for Democratic Change government is insensitive to plights of the ordinary citizens due to the act of Assistant Minister Potter, suggesting that Potter should be dealt with individually.

The Finance and Development Planning Minister’s Deputy Advisor for Program and Policy also said it is impossible to alleviate poverty in the world, adding that as long there are rich people, poor citizens will always be around.

Also commenting on the recent display of expensive meals on social media;specifically on the official Facebook page of the Liberia Maritime Authority Commissioner, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Mr. Johnson stressed that Commissioner Nagbe, at his current status in society, has the financial capacity to afford to purchase any meal of his choice, adding that everyone citizen of any country would love to live a better life when the resources are available.

Also responding to a recent call of the CDC National Youth League for the Liberian government to launch an investigation about how Assistant Minister Potter acquired his wealth over the years, Johnson described as a hasty generalization, the youth league’s statement that the Assistant Minister could not afford more than US $2,000 in the past.

He termed the CDC National Youth League’s statement as false and misleading, adding that Assistant Minister Potter is a professional young man who can afford what he wants to purchase.

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