“Nimba Senator calls for private electricity company in Grand Bassa County”

During an interview held in Buchanan on June 3, Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung expressed his concern for the lack of electricity in Grand Bassa County.

Koung suggested that the county needs a private electricity company to distribute the much-needed resource.

He compared the situation to Nimba County, where citizens have access to electricity thanks to a private company.

Koung blamed the government for failing to invest in private entities and establish systems to make electricity available to people in rural areas.

Koung also criticized the current administration for failing to provide electricity to Grand Kru and other nearby counties over the past five years.

He lamented that President George Weah, Senate Protemp Albert Chea, House Speaker, and others from the southeast have failed to help citizens access electricity.

Koung contrasted Weah’s performance with that of former President Sirleaf, who worked hard to bring electricity from Ivory Coast to Maryland County.

Koung concluded by stating that the Rescue Team is ready to help the people of Liberia after the upcoming elections.

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