Over 100 Communities in Liberia to Receive Reliable Electricity Through CLSG Lines

Over 100 communities located in Bong, Nimba, and Grand Bassa counties, among others, are set to receive CLAG lights. Thanks to the connection to the CLSG lines, residents will enjoy a more comfortable life with better lighting, heating, and cooling options.

Additionally, the consistent power supply will enable businesses to operate more efficiently, creating opportunities for economic growth.

The positive impact of the CLSG lines goes beyond convenience. Reliable electricity will also improve access to education and healthcare services, making them more effective.

LEC Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Hon. Monie Captan visited the CLSG substation at Botota in Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County, and expressed his confidence in the project’s success.

The shield wire system and conventional MV at 33 kV technology, which has been used successfully in other parts of the world, is expected to provide reliable and efficient power to the communities along the CLSG transmission line.

The African Development Bank finances the project, emphasizing its importance and potential impact on the communities they serve.

Hon. Monie Captan highlighted the project as a testament to the LEC’s commitment to innovation and improving access to electricity in rural areas.

With the support of CLSG-TRANSCO Country Representative Mr. Jerry Taylor and LEC Executive Director for Transmission & Distribution Eng. Thomas Gonkarwon, the project is set to be a game-changer for all Liberians.

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