Over 200 Women in Barcconi Community to Benefit from Skills Training

Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan Kaipay says over 200 women in Barcconi Community are expected to benefit from numerous skill trainings in the county.

The disclosure of the initiative was made during the weekend by Senator Kaipay at the official launch of the program in Baconnie Community, Grand Bassa County.

Speaking to reporters during the program, Senator Kaipay said it is his own initiative that will be implemented by a Bassa based local NGO, Children Rescue Africa.

The Grand Bassa County Senator put the cost of the training program just over US $3000 – part of his legislative engagement funds.

According to the Senator, the Women’s Skills Training Program is designed to run for three months in Baconnie Community, and once completed, will be spread to other areas for citizens to benefit from.

Senator Kaipay mentioned that the focus of the training will be in soap making, baking, and catering among other skills, stressing that the move is his way of empowering the women of Bacconie Community to be more independent and self sufficient.

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