Pastor Under Investigation for Brutalizing Journalist

Police in Sanniquellie, Nimba County have arrested a man identified as Pastor Eric Kruah of the Harvest Intercontinental Ministry (formerly Bethel Word) for brutalizing Journalist Joseph Wongbay of Radio Nimba.

However, Pastor Kruah’s affiliation with the church is yet to be verified.

Pastor Kruah had requested the Management of Radio Nimba to grant him airtime to run a religious program but the management referred him to the leadership of the Sanniquellie Christian Fellowship.

After his request was reportedly not granted, Pastor Kruah, on the night of July 26 walked to the compound of Radio Nimba and began to use invectives.

He later began throwing stones at workers of the entity and hit Joseph Wongbay, thereby injuring him.

The Management of Radio Nimba wasted no time in reporting the incident to the police.

Pastor Kruah escaped the scene after committing the act, but was later apprehended by police.

He is currently undergoing a police investigation.

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