People With Disabilities calls for humanitarians Assistance in Maryland county

Several People living with disabilities in pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, have called on humanitarian Organizations, meaningful citizens in and out of the county for assistance.

Expressing challenges encountering in their living conditions, Mr. Joseph W. Bestman said, the disabled are people the government should be helping with food items, including shelters, noting that the disabled are decision makers in terms of elections in the country.

According to him, the disabled Community need modern vocational training centers that will help build the capacity of people living with disabilities in the district, county and country at large.

“We the disabled people in Maryland County need vocational school to help us build our career in order for us to have work to do in the country too, so that we can sustain ourselves”, Mr. Bestman expressed.
Moreover, Mr. Bestman said the disabled school in Pleebo City, Maryland County is lacking of essential materials, noting, the lacked of transportation is one of the significant issues affecting the growth and development of the disabled community in Pleebo, Maryland.

He used the medium to call on the central government of Liberia through its local authorities to come to their aid, including other humanitarian organizations, contributors, well wishers, sympathizers, meaningful citizens of Maryland and among others.

Mr. Bestman made these statements to team of Journalists in an exclusive interviewed over the weekend.

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