PLP Cassell Honored and Gowned by FASSO Women; Wants Politicians to Desist from Lose Criticism

The vision bearer and political leader of the newly established opposition political party, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, has called on Liberian politicians to desist from “lose talks and criticisms” and help find remedies to the age-old problems in the society.

He spoke when he was honored and gowned at a brief ceremony held in Gbarnga City, Bong County recently by a group under the banner, “FASSO Women” for his many contributions across the country.

Dr. Cassel averred that it has come to his understanding that over the years, many politicians, including those in the opposition community and ruling establishment have abandoned, neglected and dashed the hope of the ordinary citizens for their personal aggrandizement.

The PLP political leader also stressed that unlike other politicians who he said believe in empty talks, he will not quit to share the little that God has blessed him with, along with the needy, destitute, neglected and abandoned Liberian citizens.

He promised to go the extra mile in making impactful interventions and helping to find solutions to the mountains usof problems Liberia and its citizens continue to experience.

He vowed to be the lone advocate that will open the eyes of the Liberian people.

“We are into this not for ourselves, but for you who have been left by the way side, abandoned, used and abused for too long by politicians; downplayed and disrespected by those you elected to preserve over your country’s resources. I urge you today to join the liberation train and let’s take our country back from those greedy, failed and recycled politicians”.

The group stated that Dr. Cassell has immensely contributed towards multiple ventures, including the provision of scholarship and job opportunities to hundreds of less fortunate Liberians across the country.

They maintained that the PLP Vision Bearer has “compassion” for less fortunate and underprivileged Liberian citizens, the bulk of whom go to bed on empty stomach on a daily basis.

The women added that in the wake of severe hardship, extreme poverty, Covid-19 outbreak and economic constraints confronting Liberians in their own country, the PLP of Dr. Cassell has been engaged into initiatives, including the distribution of food, medicines and others to hospitals, clinics and regular donations to scores of physically challenged and visually impaired citizens, among others.

They observed that the PLP remains the only political party in Liberia that continues to extend helping hands to needy citizens.

According to them, the PLP is more than a political party as evidenced by the numerous projects and contributions Dr. Cassell has made to youth and women groups, marketers, and less fortunate Liberians.

“Dr. Daniel E. Cassell we want to gown and honor you here today due to your hard work and commitment to see our people leave from poverty; and our children who we called zogos from begging on the streets. You are not waiting to be President before you start to build roads, market building or do good for your people. The people say when your Christmas will be good, you will know from the eve”, a representative of the women group stated.

“You are the real talk and do because; when you say something you can do it. We will stand behind and support you to achieve your dream because we know that you will not be like the other people to forget about us when you get there,” they lamented.

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