Reclaiming Liberia Beaches and Water-Ways Project Region 1 Coordinator Allegedly Attacked by Unknown Individuals

The Region 1 Coordinator of the Reclaiming Liberia Beaches and Water-ways Project, George Android Young says he and his family were attacked late Monday night by unknown individuals who reportedly threw a petrol bomb at his house.

Speaking to Dakpannah 24 early Tuesday morning on the Bushrod Island, Young explained that the incident occurred at approximately 2 a.m Tuesday while he and his family were still asleep but heard a strange sound from the main entry of the house.

Young further said he immediately woke up with an overwhelming fear upon hearing the strange sound and saw his door, adding that he struggled for rescue through several phone calls to nearby neighbors in the area with to avail, I until his friend Dekontee Woto upon picking up the call, informed the Kapao Kapao Security Team and officers of the Liberia National Police.

He expressed frustration over the appearance of the two LNP officers who came to his rescue with cutlasses in their hands when the perpetrators had already left the scene of the incident, questioning the possibility of the police officers to arrest those unscrupulous individuals who had with them deadly weapons.

The victim also indicated that the lives of he and his family are at a high risk in the community, stressing the need for a swift investigation by the Liberia National Police to ascertain the facts.

Young further told this media institution that he cannot remember harming any of his community dwellers, except some workers of the beach project who according to him, had over the years been strengthening to deal with him if national government failed or delays in paying their salaries.

Meanwhile, the Region One Coordinator of the Reclaiming Liberia Beaches and Water-ways Project is calling on the Coalition for Democratic Change to provide more logistical support to the country’s security apparatus; something that according to Young, will enable national security personnels to respond to emergency situations of citizens.

According to him, both he and his family were firstly given attention by the Kapao Kapao Security Team before the reported late arrival of the Liberia National Police officers.

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