Representative Hopeful Togar Alexander Bealded Calls Out Rep. Matthew Joe’s Double Standards in Washing Plant Construction saga

Representative Hopeful Togar Alexander Beallded expressed his surprise at the double standards of Rep. Matthew Joe in the Washing Plant Construction saga in Grand Bassa County.

According to Bealded, Rep. Joe had promised to summon Mittal Steel on Capitol Hill for violating the Mineral Development Agreement on building a Washing Plant in Buchanan. However, Bealded found it frustrating that Rep. Joe had a private meeting with the company’s CEO, after which he shifted his stance and called for a citizen meeting between Mittal and Bassa citizens.

Bealded criticized Rep. Joe for putting Mittal Steel’s satisfaction above the Bassa people, claiming that Rep. Joe’s loyalty lies with Mittal than the masses.

Bealded also pointed out that the Washing Plant’s basement and layout were currently taking place at Mount Tokadeh in Nimba, denying 1,200 Bassa citizens the opportunity to get jobs.

Bealded called on Rep. Joe to summon Mittal to show cause why the MDA is being violated, instead of holding a meeting that would be based on lies, deception, and a complete waste of time and energy.

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