Solidarity Center Empowers Communities in Buchanan City with Training on Gender Equality and Combatting Violence Against Women

Solidarity Center, a group supported by the United States Labour Department, recently concluded a one-day training session on preventing Gender Based Violence and Harassment against women. The workshop, which brought together participants from various communities in Buchanan City, aimed to challenge social norms, including domestic violence, and promote gender equality.

Madam Vanessa Edhebru, the group’s gender specialist, explained during an interview that the event was designed to enlighten participants on how to address Gender Based Violence and Harassment, which she believes hinders women’s participation in leadership roles. She emphasized that the project’s focus is on increasing women’s involvement in the workplace, particularly in the fields of mining and agriculture.

Madam Edhebru revealed that her institution is collaborating with five counties in Liberia, namely Montserrado, Bong, Margibi, Grand Bassa, and Grand Cape Mount Counties. She commended the participants for their enthusiasm and willingness to share their personal experiences, assuring them that the knowledge gained from the workshop will positively impact their lives.

During the forum, participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers for arranging such an important event and pledged to utilize the knowledge acquired to foster positive change. Many of them expressed their eagerness to serve as ambassadors in spreading the message of preventing Gender Based Violence and Harassment.

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