LFA Is Set to disburse over US$400. 000 to clubs in Orange national league.

The Liberia Football Association (LFA) will disburse approximately US$407,811 to clubs in the first, second and upper women’s divisions.

Each of the 12 first division clubs will receive US$13,000, totaling US$156,000.

Each of the 14 second division clubs will receive US$9,000, totaling US$126,000.

And each of the 10 upper women’s division clubs will also receive US$9,000, totaling US$90,000.

Nimba United, Nimba Kwado and Heaven Eleven of the Orange first division will receive US$9,000 (US$3,000 per club) as additional support for performance from the club licensing program.

Pags FC, Bristol FC and Samira FC, who were relegated from the 2019 Orange second division, will each receive a subvention of US$3,937, totaling US$11,811.

Island Queens, Fassell FC, Keitrace FC, Stages FC, Professional Sisters and Senior Female Professionals will receive a subvention of US$15,000 (US$2,500 per club).

Clubs in full compliance began receiving their checks since 17 January.

The funds are a combination of the LFA subvention and Orange sponsorship to clubs, which were approved at an executive committee meeting on 22 December 2021.

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